Our Story

Among the many businesses of the Kannavarai Group, tea has been the primary and oldest one. Over the past 33 years, the company has been that of a progressive, quality-focused Niligiri tea producer. Our company has not only won the trust of its traders but also its consumers in regard to the superior quality of tea supplied. A key part of our success is our partnership with Anand Trading Co, which serves as a vital marketing partner, amplifying our reach and ensuring our premium tea is accessible to a wider market. 

The factories are nestled into the sprawling acreage of the Kannavarai estate, which is the perfect location as it supports the appropriate climatic conditions required to manufacture an exquisite quality of tea, which in turn helps in producing the freshness of the tea leaves. The Kannavarai Tea Industry, named after the adjacent reserve Shola forest, was established in 1990 by B. Lingan, who was not only a promoter but also had an experience of fifty solid years in the Tea Industry. The growing success of the Industry over the next decade resulted in an expansion, giving birth to the second unit in 1990, named Karodaiya Tea Industry, and the third unit in 2010 named Rajeshwari Tea Industry. Today, the company is among the top ten tea producers in the Niligiris with a production capacity of 25 lakh kgs per annum.

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